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Chemical Safety Technology, Inc.
2461 Autumnale Drive
San Jose, California 95131 USA

Main Phone: (408) 263-0984
Main Fax: (408) 263-2640

Email: info [ a t ] kemsafe.com
Website: www.kemsafe.com

Banner: Chemical Safety Technologies, Inc.


Chemical Safety Technology, Inc. has been one of the global technology leaders in design, development and manufacturing of Chemical Dispense Systems since 1986.
Our focus is the bulk and local chemical dispensers, Kem-Karts for Slurry and chemical transport, waste collection, bottle wash stations and custom wet benches. All CSTI products have been designed and manufactured to ensure a safer and better management of hazardous waste material.
Through continuous effort and contribution in improving chemical and slurry dispense systems; CSTI has secured a leadership position in the chemical management industry. Furthermore, with products built to offer flexibility in usage and design, CSTI is the choice manufacturer in cutting production time as well as cost.
Our mission is to supply and design cost effective Chemical and Slurry dispenses systems for Semiconductor and related industries - providing custom solutions for our customers in a supplier environment. We have been determined in our pursuit of standardization, from technology advancement to manufacturing processes.


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